Guide To Land-Based Casino In New Zealand


New Zealand is a place where casinos play a significant role in building the economy of the country. It has also helped the tourism sector as they have special features for foreigners.

Legal status

Casinos were legalised in 1990, and the license is compulsory for operating a casino. It was legalese since the act of Casino Control in 1990 and replaced by the Gambling Act of 2003. After three years of legalising, Christchurch Casino opened in 1994.
According to the acting part 2, other guidelines for casinos are that there must be no increase in the number of opportunities for casino games and neither the total number of table games and slot machines must grow nor the player space at casinos.

Other rules

Other rules

New Zealand has six casinos. Apart from this limit, the casinos must strictly follow the gaming rules and regulations and consider class 4. The courses in New Zealand are divided into gambling such as betting, chance games, Wagering, and casinos are class.

Sports bets

Out of all these strict limitations, sports betting opportunities in casinos are the exceptions. These are regulated by TAB NZ and the Racing Board of New Zealand according to the Racing Act of 2003.
This is one of the main reasons why the sports betting lounges and sports bars are smaller casinos.



There are “Pokies,” slang for gaming machines in the Australian language but still used in New Zealand, other than six casinos. They can be found in clubs, hotels, slot halls, etc. Non-profit organisations or charities run these pokies, and the funds they receive will be used for socially beneficial organisations and projects.

Total number of Casino games

There are over 15300 slot machines, including slot halls and casinos, in New Zealand, where 90% of the slot machines are outside casinos. More than 1000 places have these slot games, and the devices are placed.

Casino licensing

After these restrictions, one of the central questions that everyone asks is, will the locals get opportunities to visit casinos?
Well, the answer is a big YES. Both tourists and locals are allowed to use and enjoy land-based casinos.
The Department of Internal Affairs is the legal body regulating gambling in New Zealand. At the same time, the Gambling Commission of New Zealand considers and approves the licenses of casinos, renewal, modifications and other types of gambling licenses issued by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Taxation for winning

Taxation for winning

There is no tax on winning in casinos according to the Income Tax Act, except for full time and professional poker players; none can pay the tax, although there is no actual enforcement, and the government doesn’t have any means to determine who is a full-time player or who are professional punters.

Casinos in New Zealand

● SkyCity Auckland
● SkyCity Queenstown
● SkyCity Hamilton
● Christchurch Casino
● Dunedin Casino
● SkyCity Wharf Casino

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