A 22-year-old underwent over 30 plastic surgery procedures to impress boyfriend

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A 22-year-old woman from Hong Kong has undergone over 30 plastic surgery procedures to impress her boyfriend. Berry began getting the procedures when she was only 17 because she wanted to look more like western supermodels.
She now regrets her decisions. She claims that her plastic surgery addiction began when she saw a beauty center offering affordable student packages that cost 102 US Dollars for three injections.
However, over the course of a few hours, the beautician persuaded her to go for a more expensive package costing 2175 US dollars.
Her partner was verbally abusive and continuously insulted her looks, comparing her unfavorably to other women.
Berry responded by going on a plastic surgery spree over a six month period, during which time she underwent the majority of her 30 cosmetic procedures.
Berry has ended her toxic relationship and is now speaking out via Youtube against cosmetic surgery.
Source: Oddity Central