Executive Committee of EPRDF concludes meeting

Local NEWS

By Kiram Tadesse

Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has concluded its meeting that lasted for 17 days. The Committee conducted in-depth evaluations among the four founding parties in view of the country’s current situations. In a statement issued over the weekend the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front Executive Committee stressed that it is a point in time to make appropriate moves nationwide. The Committee evaluated the gains made from the ongoing renewal program within the Front as well as identified the causes of the political problems and has said it came up with solutions for past and present problems in the nation.
The Executive Committee also apologized to the public for the failure to give timely solutions for the national problems in relation to the conflicts which occurred in various parts of the country causing loss of life and property damages. The Committee said it also increased the vulnerability of the country for external forces.
The Committee’s statement reads to have reached on consensus and expressed EPRDF’s commitment to address the challenges faced by the country and to ensure the sustainability of the gains made for over the past two and half decades.
Lack of democracy within the organization and its allies is taking deep root, which paved the way for the leaderships to use power for their personal gains said the committee adding that the meeting that lasted for 17 days deeply scrutinized the problems seen among the party leadership in upholding the principles of the federal order.
Taking into consideration the threats caused by political and economic burden the latest incidents could pose on the country, and hence the committee noted that it has decided to tackle the root cause of the problems and restore peace in the country.
In order to proceed with the already started national renaissance and thus overcome the challenges the country is facing the executive committee statement that comes out with eight points has noted on the needs to arrange a wider political space along with the multi party democracy.