Over 1300 Ethiopians travel to China for training in 2017

Local NEWS

By Kiram Tadesse

Over 1300 Ethiopian candidates of different professions have participated in training programs in China during the year 2017. The different training programs aimed at further promoting the cooperation between Ethiopia and China.

In order to increase exchanges in various fields, and further promote bilateral relation between Ethiopia and China. The two governments have been working on the field of human resource development cooperation. That is part of China’s attachment to enhancing its cooperation with Africa in human resource development through knowledge and technology transfer.

In 2017 over 1300 Ethiopian candidates of different professions took part in the training programs held in China, including over 200 candidates for Doctoral and Master Degree programs. According to the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ethiopia, several seminars and training programs by Chinese experts have also been successfully held in Ethiopia during last year. China has pledged that it would, in three years, train 200 thousand technicians and provide 40 thousand training opportunities in China, and will offer 30 thousand government scholarships for Africans.

The government of China has been reiterating that those who have been trained in China have made great contribution not only to the social-economic development of Ethiopia but also to building bridges between the two countries.