Opposition expresses doubt over practicality of EPRDF’s statement

Local NEWS

By Samuel Geleto

Some opposition parties have expressed their doubt over the practicality of the plans outlined by the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front leadership. The opposition parties were referring to the 17 days long inter-organizational evaluation meeting that was concluded in the beginning of January.
It is to be recalled that Chairpersons of the four national member organizations of EPRDF gave a press briefing last week on the outcomes of the 17 days evaluation meeting by the Executive Committee.

Chairperson of the Ethiopian Democratic unity Movement, Geush Gebresilassie, said the fact that EPRDF undertook an organizational evaluation meeting is a step in the right direction. In his comment Geush said this is a good start because the agreement of the four parties is part of the solution for the situation in the country.

“We have seen what happened in the country and we felt how much the Ethiopian people were hurt, and how the conflict spread due to the disagreement between the parties,” he said. It is good that EPRDF held inter-organizational meeting as long as it was genuine.

Chairperson of Coalition for Democracy and Unity party, Ayele Chamiso on his part argued that the details of the outcome on the evaluation meeting lacked clarity. “Even though EPRDF said it has gone through in depth evaluation process, it is not something new,” said Ayele adding that “it always says it has gone through reform and undertakes internal evaluation but we didn’t see much change since we didn’t see it practiced.” However Ayele questioned the announcement saying “it is a vague and general briefing” he commended the move as a good start.

The Chairpersons of the opposition parties have underscored that the cause for the recent unrests that resulted in death, displacement of people and damage on properties is irrespective of the federal order.

Image: Ayele Chamiso, Coalition for Democracy and Unity