Agency says current cold weather likely to continue across Ethiopia

Local NEWS

By Samuel Geleto

The National Meteorological Agency forecasts current cold weather to continue for an uncertain period. The unseasonal cold weather has been spreading all over the country, Afro FM learned from the Agency.

The recent cold weather data collected and analyzed by the agency indicates that the weather covers the upper ten centimeter layer of the earth surface to the first tens of kilometers into atmosphere.

Deputy Director of the agency Dula Shanko says the source of the cold weather is from Europe and other nearby contents with cold weather condition. He said the northern hemisphere is the major source of the dry season air. “We are experiencing continuous cold weather condition because the wind is blowing from frost places.” The air pressure from Sahara and Siberia collide and comes direct to Ethiopia through Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Dula said that the weather condition has strengthened since last December. “Earth releases the heat that it received from the Sun at nights. During that time, if there is cloud it will absorb the heat. That is why there was not much cold weather,” he added.

He said the cold weather condition between December and January was stronger. The Agency forecasts the cold weather to continue until cloud comes, but it will not be constant like the dry season and variations are also expected. The director further stated that the weather fluctuation will not have significant impact on the coming rainy season.