Ethiopia: no need for third party over Nile

Local NEWS

By Kiram Tadesse

Ethiopia says the issue of Nile does not call for intervention of third party. This comes as Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn tabled his government’s position on issue to Cairo during his travel to Egypt last week.

On Wednesday the Premier arrived in Cairo and he later met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. Part of the Six High-Level Joint Ministerial Commission meeting the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was also on the bilateral agenda table. The two leaders have stressed on the need for further cooperation and mutual understanding on various sectors. Two major cooperation agreements were also signed.

Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesperson, Meles Alem told Afro FM that in Cairo there was very strong understanding and brotherhood between the two sides where Ethiopia tabled its intention regarding the issue of Nile.

Speaking on the outcome he said the issue of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a trilateral issue that will be discussed with Sudan as well.

Regarding the management and utilization of the Nile, the Spokesman stressed that Ethiopia has a long standing and firm principle that the guide impel should be the principles of cooperation, equitable and reasonable realization and obligation not to cause significant harm.

“The issue of Nile does not call for the intervention of a third party as far as Ethiopia is concerned,” Alem said.

The Spokesperson further noted that during the visit Ethiopia’s position that has been tabled by the Prime Minister was welcomed by Cairo.

After a tripartite committee meeting on May 2017 Egypt’s irrigation ministry said Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have not yet resolved points of contention over studies evaluating the potential impact of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Ethiopia hopes the over 6,000-megawatt Grand Renaissance Dam to be a game changer in its overall national strategy on which it will be able to export energy generated by the dam.

File image: GERD