Ethiopia ready for AU Summit

Local NEWS

By Elham Abdellah

Ethiopia finalized preparation to host the 30th African Union Summit. That is according to Foreign Affairs Minister Workneh Gebyehu. The 30th African union Heads of State and Governments Summit is to be held on the 30th and 31st of January 2018 here in Addis Ababa. The theme for this year is “Wining the Fight against Corruption; A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation”.

Dr. Workneh has expressed his optimism that this year’s summit will help African countries to find a lasting solution on the issue of corruption. He further noted that the major agendas to be raised in the summit will help to maintain the countries benefit.

According to the minister there are five key agendas that Ethiopia mainly benefits from. These include political and economic affairs in the continent, structure of the administration and thirdly the issue of finance. The other issues include trade among African countries as well as Agriculture development in the continent. He said in this regard “Ethiopia is an exemplary country.”

Dr. Workneh further highlighted that single air transport or free air space for Africans will also be discussed which he said Ethiopian Airlines takes the lead. Peace and security is also another issue to be discussed and draft proclamations are expected to come out.

Meanwhile, Dr. Workneh said Ethiopia stands with other African countries regarding the recent US president Donald Trump’s reference to African countries using vulgar language. He said African Ambassadors in the United States have already issued a statement for the AU Heads of State and Governments to discuss the issues during the summit. Dr. Workneh has also expressed displeasure over Trump’s use of inappropriate language when referring to other countries.

At his remark the minister has called upon the public to continue to be supportive and patient in the duration of the Summit where they may have to deal with certain inconveniences.