Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan vow to unite as one for mutual interest

Local NEWS

By Elham Abdellah

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne has met with Sudan’s president Omar Hasan Al-Bashir and Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al- Sisi on the sideline of the 30th AU Summit that ended on Monday evening. Spokes person of the ministry of foreign affairs Meles Alem has said that the three leaders have agreed to work on the three countries interest as one.
“The three leaders including their ministers and expertise should take the three leaders not as a three country but as one. They have also instructed their foreign ministers and other relevant bodies to form committee and deliberate on outstanding issues not only as their perspective country but as one.”
During an exclusive interview with Afro Fm the spokesperson also expressed the fruitfulness of the three leaders meeting.
“The three leaders have also agreed to form infrastructure fund to improve the people to people ties by building confidence among them and further revamp the trade, economic and investment ties among others. So the three country leaders meeting were held in a spirit of friendship, brotherliness and were fruitful.”
Meles noted that Ethiopia hosting such international and continental events is helpful to further discuss its cooperation with other countries and to deliberate on issues of mutual concern.