Prof Tassew Woldehana named president of AAU

Local NEWS

By Kiram Tadesse

Professor Tassew Woldehana has been named president of the Addis Ababa University. The Public and Foreign Relations Office of the University announced that as per the procedure followed to elect the new president the ministry of education has selected Professor Tassew to be the next president of the university.

Since the announcement for the position came public on November last year some 22 individuals from different academic backgrounds and institutions have managed to enter the competition for the top job at Addis Ababa University. A dozen of these applicants have been working with the university in different fields while the rest are employees in local and international higher learning institutions.

Foreign nationals were also among those that were eying the top position at the university. After an evaluation to shortlist the candidates, no foreign nationals and Ethiopians engaged in teaching abroad have managed to make it through to the next stage. In the second round of the evaluation some 13 individuals were selected to go through to the third stage of the selection process.

Out of the 13 shortlisted applicants five were professors while the rest were providing service as assistant professors. Professor Bekele Gutema, Dr. Jeilu Omar and Professor Tassew Woldehana were selected out of the five shortlisted individuals on 18 January 2018 and were sent to the Ministry of Education for the final pick.

The university revealed on Monday that Agricultural Economist, Tassew Woldehana has been chosen by the ministry to lead the university for the coming six years. The veteran academician has also served as the vice president of the University.