About Us


AFRO FM 105.3, the first independent, privately owned FM radio in Ethiopia, is designed to be the most preferred and dominant station to air different programs and news in English and other foreign languages. After receiving the first ever FM broadcasting license to air in foreign languages from the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority to broadcast in Addis Ababa and its environs, Afro FM 105.3 (established under Paconet Media Plc back in January 2008), targets local elite, the large Ethiopian Diaspora and the expatriate community and foreigners who are not adequately served by the existing stations.

The station has so far enjoyed tremendous success and has gained an overwhelming positive response from its audience especially the target groups who aspire to listen to the station for its entertainment section of it. Having already established a strong fan base couldn’t however satisfy the demand of the radio station and we need to have a guarantee that the old and mature group of the society has to further enhance their relationship and this is believed to be done by adding some more content in to the programs.

As part of this effort, AFRO FM has started to plan ways of incorporating a family-friendly program line up to appeal to all age groups and communities, with a vast majority of its shows dedicated to Entertainment areas such as Music, Talks, News, and Radio feature   programs with hip, relevant and lively discussions and programs that appeal to young professionals and adults alike.  AFRO FM also employs some of the most exciting presenters and radio personalities to ever hit the airwaves both from within Ethiopia as well as friends from outside the country.


The mission of 105.3 AFRO FM is to be a trusted, up to date source of information, music and entertainment as well as provide various pertinent issues to our esteemed listeners while providing our advertising partners a medium to reach their target audience.


Be a vital source of information, ideas, and cultural experience that enrich people’s lives through lifelong learning;

Strengthen the image of Ethiopia through regional and national repute with quality programming;

Informing (Providing Up to date Information) On Ethiopia and Africa;

To be a centre for knowledge and exchange of best practice and positive development.

To assist the development of the continent by being a positive agent of change.

Enlightening about ;Rich Historical and Cultural Heritages, the Immense Natural Resources, Tourist Destination Areas, The Beautiful Landscape ,Prospects to development, good governance & democracy, business and investment opportunities within Ethiopia as well as Africa ,Other Issues.

Our Core values

We desire to accomplish the following principles and values: team spirit, integrity, creativity, Standards of Excellency, accountability and leadership in order to achieve our common issues of interest of national and international levels.