• The afternoon drive Show

      Hosted by:Vahe Tilbian

    • The Hype Show

      Hosted by:DJ Yemi AND Imad \\\"The Flash\\\" Amer

    • Hypnotized Show

      Hosted by:Zewotir (Mr.Zik) Desalegn

    • The Late Night Show

      Hosted by:Ebba T.

    • The Breakfast Show

      Hosted by:Jason Peters

    • Justified Nature Show

      Hosted by:Erica

    • Rock 101 Show

      Hosted by:Jason Peters

    • Afro Live Streaming Show

      Hosted by:Mohammedkerem Ahmed

    • Top News Story
      The big five, the new comers; Africa’s 10 most influential countries

      1. South Africa

      South Africa is the only African country that is a member of the G20 and BRICS (the Brazi...

    • Top News Story
      Crocodile takes on three lions at once in Kenya

      "Should the crocodile turn his back on the pride, they would be all over him and it would be game-over," wildlife expert...

    • Top News Story
      2-year-old Indian girl named youngest archer

      Dolly Sivani Cherukuri, 2, shot 72 arrows for a total score of 388 to become the youngest archer in the I...

    • Top News Story
      Mad scientist becomes superhuman after gaining night vision power

      You’re looking at Gotham’s new superhero.

      Yes, he may not have the looks, charm or chiseled abs of B...

    • Top News Story
      Fifth Kenyan minister steps aside to make way for graft probe

      A fifth Kenyan government minister vacated her post on Sunday, three days after President Uhuru Kenyatta said officials ...

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